Sir Tim Berners Lee is the main standards organization for the World Wide Web and heads the Internet Consortium. The sole objective of w3C is to be certain that they and Websites all work too as the World Wide Web can. Whilst it isn’t official it’s widely agreed among web site programmers that following these guidelines will assist your web site list higher on the search engines. Will also help people locate information on the Web. If you want to compete effectively on the web your company requires an internet website that the World Wide Web Consortium approve of – .

Web sites should be tested by you against these guidelines utilizing the free on-line identification service of W3C -To do that you enter the web address of the site you desire to check. If an internet site Validates then the web site complies with W3C’s guidelines. If it and the validator doesn’t Pass will announce any warnings and also the errors. Warnings and these errors might be used to recognize the problems in the coding so of the website that they can be fixed by an internet developer. From a developers perspective a World Wide Web Consortium error report is useful since it features a description on the way to solve the problem in a way that ought to result in the web site authorization that is passing.

The error is know as a Syntax Error. HTML and XHTML are languages used inside the coding of the web site and World Wide Web Consortium produce an approved list of controls. If an internet site programmer has used that a non approved command then that a Syntax Error will be generated. The web site might still seem to work and display correctly however it doesn’t attain this levels of accessibility required by this W3C. Unlike errors, warnings are generated when the World Wide Web Consortium validator is not able to make sense of this coding this programmer has utilized in the website.

Sometimes it is the case that the controls used are so disparate from the list of accepted HTML and XHTML commands that the World Wide Web Consortium are unable to provide the programmer suggestions about the way to correct the problem. Even more seriously, this may mean that the web site has this potential to crash or not function correctly. This guide is a relatively simplified overview of an extremely complex and extremely technical area usually reserved for well qualified web site developers. It’s therefore essential which we bring to your attention some further details about World Wide Web Consortium guidelines that might, on occasion, also be relevant.