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Tier 3 E-Commerce stores: The time is now, go get it!

Fact: E-Commerce is a threat for your brick and mortar business.
Worry: It does not matter what product or service you deal in.
Crisis: It’s going to happen very soon, sooner than you think. Period.

Still in Denial?

NO, it doesn’t matter if no one today is selling your product online, tomorrow someone will.
NO, it doesn’t matter if it’s difficult for people to buy your product online, technology will evolve and tomorrow it won’t be.
NO, it doesn’t matter if the big e-tailers aren’t strong in your city, tomorrow they will be.

Like it or not, you need to start planning to go digital very soon.

Read this short but interesting article about why

The next logical step for local retailers is investing in an online store.

And how? As they say, if you can’t beat’ em, join ’em !

‘Too expensive, too much hassle!’ – Not anymore
‘But I don’t understand tech one bit!’ – Who said you need to?

With easy to manage open source platforms like WooCommerce and Magento, having your own e-store is easier than ever before, and managing products, services, inventory on these stores has become a breeze!


Read THIS article for a nice comparison

ALL you need is:

  • a good E-Commerce developer (there are plenty, and may we recommend ourselves as a wonderful choice!)
  • a catalogue of products with images and descriptions (still wondering what to do with your intern!?),
  • a hosting and a domain name (available at the cost of peanuts, maybe cheaper)

Depending on the number and categories of product OR services you are offering, you can get your store built for anywhere starting from INR 18k for a basic store to about INR 45k for a full fledged one with several categories.

AND, for my friends in Siliguri (and for that matter, any Tier 2/3 city), here’s another reason why it makes sense for you to take your store online.

  • In a scenario where big E-Commerce giants have long delivery times for a city like Siliguri (5-10 days), local e-commerce stores would be perceived as having better delivery times (1-3 days)
  • Buying from a local company is less worrisome than buying from someone unknown sitting halfway across the country
  • People inherently like to buy from shops that they have heard about offline

Here is an E-Commerce strategist talking about the power of local e-commerce stores:

Why even highly local small businesses should embrace e-commerce

To sum up, E-commerce is not your enemy, embrace it and the time is now \m/

Author: Ritesh Agarwal, mentor and creatives head for SR Creatives – a web, ecommerce and technology company aimed at small business and start-ups

Image credit: Freepik

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