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Under-rated but Effective: Email Marketing 101 (12,000 emails/month for Free)

Still burning money on newspaper ads and hoardings. Seriously, still?

Accept it, your customers are NOT reading newspapers, they are reading emails! Your customers are not attentive while in traffic, they’re busy on their phones.

MOMENT OF TRUTH: Traditional advertisements is money poorly spent. You need to change. You need to land your brand communication in your target customer’s Inbox or their Facebook feed

We will talk about Facebook Marketing in the next article, and today, I am going to cover a much under-rated but extremely effective means of marketing – Email

EMAIL MARKETING: Affordable, Effective, Easy

What do you need for email marketing?

  1. An automated tool which can send thousands of personalized emails (unless you’re utterly jobless, and plan on sending all of them manually)
  2. List of email addresses of potential customers
  3. Well written email content

In this blog, I am going to talk about how to talk about achieving all the above three.

Step 1: An email sending tool

Before going on to anything, let me introduce you to Mail Chimp

It is a lifesaver web application for those looking to send beautiful automated emails to a huge list of potential clients.

Setting up a Mail Chimp account is easy and free (up to 1000 subscribers & 12000 emails – and even beyond that, it’s reasonably priced)

Disclaimer: There are several other similar products (MailJet, Constant Contact, etc.) and I am in no way being paid by MailChimp to write this (!).

Just that I have used many such products and I find MailChimp to be the most convenient.

Step 2: Gathering email addresses

This is probably the most difficult part of the e-mail marketing process, since a list of clean, and target customers is not available off the shelf, and has to be ‘built’ over time.

So, a quick advice, start collecting emails of people who call you up, enquire about your products, attend your seminars, visit your café, etc.

Besides this, here is another way to collect emails online:

A Facebook – Mail Chimp integrated campaign

  1. Decide upon an incentive you can offer (50% off, free goodies, first consultation free, etc.)
  2. Set-up a custom form on MailChimp for this campaign
  3. Create a Facebook tab and integrate the MailChimp form to your Facebook page
  4. Create engaging teasers announcing your campaign and get people to sign up with their email address on this Facebook tab
  5. Spread the word, promote it on Facebook, tag influential people, like, share! (in short, create havoc!)

If your incentive is really nice, within a few days, you’ll see a good amount of people subscribed with you on your MailChimp account (and also increased Facebook likes!)

Step 3: Writing good email content

First of all, the SINGLE most important rule for writing a promotional email – Don’t write a promotional email


Rather, what you should have

1. An ‘irresistible’ subject line

Car needs check-up? Get one complimentary at XYZ Wheels‘ will probably have a better open rate than ‘HURRY! Free Wheel Check-Up

2. Avoid Images in the email

  • Fact – Most promotional emails have images
  • Conclusion – Email with images are likely promotional
  1. Conversational and short body

While you might have a hundred things to offer, the receiver will spend only 30 seconds to read your email. So, keep it short, make it conversational (and not promotional – Free! Free! Free!)


Very important – You need to inform the reader what to do next – Sign up now, Give us a call on this number, Visit this link, etc.

That’s it, you’re ready to connect to thousands of potential customers at the click of a button. You will not land in your unique selling point directly in their Inbox.


Which means if you’ve sent an email to 1000 people, you get 5 new customers, 40 people with future interest, 150 people aware of what you’re doing – And that’s a Pretty Good Deal

Don’t wait.

Email. Sell. Repeat!

Happy email marketing.

And of course, do get in touch with us at SR Creatives. We offer complete email marketing solutions from conceptualization to campaign design to enrolment to email management.

Author: Ritesh Agarwal, SR Creatives

Credits for header image: mailchimp

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