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You DON’T need a website, all you need is a killer LANDING page !

“All that you need to know about generating business Online”

(Well, almost all!)

Today, I attended a workshop in Siliguri called ‘Digital Marketing Demystified‘ organized by YI Siliguri.

As expected, there were many enthusiastic participants brimming with questions about how to take their business on the internet.

As I learnt, most people in Siliguri (and I guess in most places!) have the following wishlist when it comes to taking their business online:

I want to have a beautiful website which talks about my company, our history, our products and services, our contact information

(doesn’t everyone want one these days)

I want to run Facebook marketing campaigns to reach out to potential customers in Siliguri and nearby

(because anyways I am on Facebook half the time)

(and check this one – it’s becoming very popular these days)

I want a Mobile app for my company so that people can stay connected with me all the time


Although any of you wanting any of these would mean more business opportunities for ME (did I mention that I run a Web & Technology solutions company called SR Creatives and we are looking for you!), I would rather suggest a cheaper, faster and probably a more effective alternative to this – A KILLER LANDING PAGE !

Let’s face it, very few people nowadays have the time to browse through all the pages of your website and read about what you do and your company’s 20 years of experience in that field.

Rather, you can achieve MUCH BETTER ROI by investing in an extremely focused Landing page with:

  • Minimal content that contains just a few lines about your company’s USP or key offering
  • A Call to Action button that MAKES users take the action you WANT them to take (i.e. subscribe to their contact base, send an enquiry, put in their email address, tick their interests, and so on) 
  • Links to your social media pages (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

THAT’S IT! Money saved, effort saved, and Return guaranteed, BINGO!

While a full fledged website might cost you anywhere between INR 15,000 – 25,000, a nicely designed landing page will cost you a maximum of INR 5,000 – 7,000 and will be ready in half the time without you personally having to write tons of lines about your company – SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD DEAL? – It is!

The Concept in Action –

Last month, I designed a website for an entrepreneurship event called EFUGEN.

Before getting into the website, my single question to the client was – “What is your primary objective of the website?“. He said – “I want a place where people can Register for the event, and read up a few lines about what the event is about.

Within 8 hours, I put up and within 3 days, the event was SOLD OUT with 200+ people registering on the website! Check the website out:

efugen, minimal landing page, siliguri

Why did it get so many registrations?

– It was designed with one primary objective – Get people to REGISTER

– “Just enough” information – No more, no less

– Clean and mobile responsive

So, what are you waiting for? Cut your digital spend budget into HALF and get a landing page for yourself. Before that, answer this question – “What is the purpose of my website?”

If you want to try making a landing page yourself, visit UNBOUNCE, a website which offers amazing do-it-yourself landing pages for a price.

landing page, unbounce, online marketing

AND otherwise (evil grin!), you can always reach out to me on my website or just drop an email at

That’s it, MONEY SAVED, JOB DONE. Try it first, thank me later! Ta da!


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