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Your Website is of NO USE without these three golden letters

After months of hard work and bags of burnt cash, the moment has arrived.

You finally own it – The ONE WEBSITE your entire company is finally proud of! And it sure does look amazing, great job!

NOW, you are all pumped and ready waiting at your desk staring eagerly at your phones, refreshing your business email thrice every two minutes, waiting for that supposed ‘Surge’ of calls and email enquiries that your website promised.

But wait, no one’s calling up?

And the only email you find is about Flipkart’s next Big Billion sale?

Seriously, even after that Stupendo Fantabulously Fantastic website!? (Thanks Geeta Maa from Dance India Dance for the apt expression)

There, there…Happened to me as well, happens to almost everyone.


The lifesaver (or the killer?) – S.E.O. aka Search Engine Optimization

What you ACTUALLY need is just three golden letters that will make your website a real performer within months – S.E.O. !

Most of you would have heard about it, many of you would have paid for it.

But few really know what it actually is, and how is it done. So, here are my two cents.

Search Engine Optimization is our big brother – Google’s way of saying – ‘No matter what you do, we are the boss!

Simply put, it is a way by which you make your website appear nicer to Google and other search websites (wait, there are OTHER search websites!?)

And the nicer you seem to Search Engines, the higher you rank in the search results, which mean more people find you, which mean you get more calls and email enquiries. Sounds great, right? Let’s get started!



Here’s a quick experiment – Go to, type in your website URL and you will get a website score with a list of SEO recommendations.

The result for my website shows 81! (81 – Not bad, eh?)

Now, you know kaun kitne paani me hai!

If you have a score anywhere above 80, you’re in the GREEN zone which means your website is decently well optimized for Search Engine Ranking

If you’re in the REDs, you better get your website SEO-ed ! (if that’s a word, or SEO-fied, better?)


Now for some FREE Advice (why we all bothered to read so far!)

Long story short, here are a few quick tips by which you can do some of the things yourself if you have basic HTML understanding, or at least these are questions you should ask your developer before you sign that final cheque!

1. Site Title, Description and Keywords – Ensure that your website has a title <title>,  description and keywords <meta> that you want to be contacted for

2. Keywords – Ensure that your website content and text is rich in keywords that people would probably end up searching for if they are looking for your products or services

3. Headings and sub-headings – Ensure that normal text in your website is put under <h1, h2> tags to make search engines understand the core message of your website

4. Minified scripts and files (Check out and which make your website light-weight and fast-loading

5. Social media integration – Social media integrations make your website more ‘credible’ and give you higher ranks


6. Mobile Friendly – Google launched a bomb few months back by preferring mobile friendly websites in their ranking algorithm. Check this out. Now, websites that are not mobile ready will be ranked lower, tch, tch!

7. W3C correct code – Ensure that your code is as per W3C standards to get higher rankings. Check your code compliance here – W3C validator

8. BLOG (what I’m doing right now!) – Writing blogs about the subject of your business and website is a great way to make your website SEO rich. Ensure that your blog has frequently searched keywords which you feel might land you more business. Blogs, especially those which encourage discussions, result in traffic and engagement with your website, and is a great SEO tool.

Phew! I guess it’s already a lot to digest, and you can’t bear this post any longer. I hope this post will at least help you get started and start thinking about this subject more seriously.

For those who want to know more, you can check out this nice SEO guide for beginners.

Good night and Happy optimizing!

Author – Ritesh Agarwal, mentor and creatives head for SR Creatives

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